The microfusion process allows the production of more detailed pieces, with excellent surface finish; production of parts with minimal dimensional variations; possibility of using a wide variety of alloys; more flexibility during the process; production of pieces very close to their original form; reduction of the weight of the pieces; decrease in the machining process.


Advanages of microfusion

Achieve parts with free morphology, impossible to achieve with other processes. Investment casting allows the realization of shapes as complicated as required: intricate parts with holes and ribs, inverse cones, thin walls, etc.

Work with any type of alloys: carbon steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels, refractory steels, high-speed steels, non-deformable steels and superalloys.

The surface finish is impeccable, with a Ra: 2,0 µm (80µ”) and Ra: 3,0 µm (120µ”).

Achieve mass production.

Tight dimensional tolerances.

Get the part you need for your project without having to weld multiple components together.

Thanks to the good termination of this process, machining times, investment in machinery and warehouse stock are significantly reduced.

The microfusion process allows the finishing of parts by simple grinding in a fast, economical way that provides better quality and presentation.


The microfusion process begins with the development of the dimensional drawing of the part to be manufactured. Then, the die is built to proceed to the injection of the models that are glued together to form the trees or packages.

The assemblies then pass to the ceramic bath that is made with jellies and refractory grains, beign de-waxed and calcined in a blast furnace to finish casting the metal.

As a last stage, the lump removal, casting cuts and quality controls are performed to be delivered to the customer.

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Process stages

  • - Tooling
  • - Injection
  • - Gluing
  • - Embarking
  • - Dewaxing
  • - Melting
  • - Deburring

The fundamental difference is that complex parts can be manufactured with excellent surface finish and better dimensional tolerances. The skin of the part is two different things, one is a mirror and the other is sandpaper, just to understand the difference.

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