About our company

ACERIAS 4C S.A. is a modern company whose main activity is the smelting of carbon steel, low alloy steel and nodular iron in order to supply industries with components. Among these industries there are industrial valves factories, agricultural machinery factories, rail transport and road, die making, industrial spare parts, machinery and equipment.

Our industrial plant has the technology and technical capacity required in order to guarantee our clients top quality products and reliability, considering the demands of today’s highly competitive market.

It is located in Las Parejas, a booming town in Santa Fe province, Argentina. In the present day we are proud to show the achievements gained by its co-workers who have worked together for the good of the company.

Servicios - Control granulométrico

Our pillars as a company


To be a leading company in the national market and increase our international market share, while striving for quality, constant innovation and customers’ satisfaction.

To build strategic alliances in the value chain, generating synergies that maximize quality and profitability.

To develop skills and qualifications, and promote the ongoing personal and professional growth of human resources.


To provide the national and international market with technologically innovative products and services.

To exceed customer expectations, generating profitability to achieve the organization’s sustainable growth and development.

Our values



We are represented by a solidity gained with the effort and dedication with which we started since 1976. Our position in the national and international market is the result of constant innovation and improvement of our processes to provide an efficient final solution that meets the demand.



Constant innovation is what has differentiated our leadership over the years. The vision and anticipation with which we have worked throughout these almost 50 years of experience has empowered us as leaders in every task we perform.


Ongoing technology innovation

The continuous improvement in all our production processes leads us to an improvement of our performance and services. Innovation accompanied by technology makes our company continue to lead the steel market.



We provide constant support to our customers. Being close and working together in the advice, design and production of solutions is what widely distinguishes us from other companies.



One of our core values is based on the certainty that a project comes in and is delivered on time. Our clients highly value us for the trust and confidence that we provide in solutions delivery.



More than a company, a highly qualified human group that walks every day towards the same horizon. Team work is highly valued at Acerías 4C, that's why we make our workers feel proud every morning.

Quality management system

Our company has a “Quality Assurance System” through which it has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Through this system, we can guarantee and assure our clients the quality of our products, satisfying their requirements and needs.

ACERIAS 4C S.A. wants to express through its quality policy its commitment to:

  • - Improve constantly the effectiveness of the “Production and Marketing of stainless steel casts, special alloys, carbon steel and nodular iron casts”.
  • - Comply effectively with the legal requirements and regulations that may be applicable.
  • - Maintain the competence standards of the personnel in order to keep their motivation in the performance of their tasks.
  • - Develop processes capable of ensuring compliance with the quality objectives.

In ACERIAS 4C S.A. we certainly believe that through quality we will achieve a significant growth. Hence, on behalf of the company’s management, its president manifests his total responsibility towards the implementation and fulfilment of the commitments mentioned above.

Profile system production

Buildings and Facilities
  • - Ground area: 14,500 square metres
  • - Buildings area: 2,750 square metres
Main Machinery and Equipments
  • - Electric arc furnace with a 2,000 kg capacity
  • - Induction furnace with two vats of 600 kg and 1,200 kg each.
  • - A moulding system made up of: turbo mixer continuous type rollover, moulds manipulators, roller chains o rollers, a system to recover moulding sand and green sand moulding system.
  • - Three bridge cranes that can hold up to 7,000/5,000/2,000 kg.
  • - Hyper temple furnace for thermal treatments with an automatic system that controls temperature and records the curves of treatment.
  • - Three shot-blasting machines.
  • - Two screw compressors.
  • - Swing frame and floor stand grinders.
  • - Pneumatic bench grinders for parts finishing.
  • - Welding machines. Three hydraulic shovels. Two lift-trucks.

Spectrometer of last generation with nitrogen chamber. Physical testing machine. Wet laboratory Olimpus microscope. Equipment for determination of thicknesses by ultrasound. Ultrasound equipment Durometer. Magnaflux. Pyrometer for temperature control of casting. Equipment for testing green molding sands and resins.


We have at our disposal modern Software for the simulation of the solidification process of the material. Thus, during the development stage, we can foresee the possible defects on a cast.


In order to compete in a field that evolves constantly, our company has four administrative employees, eleven technicians, seventy-nine workers, qualified welders and two managers who receive permanent training.

Productive Capacity
  • - Carbon steel and nodular iron: 150 tons.
  • - Stainless steel – special alloys: 50 tons.
  • - Parts range: parts up to 1,500 kg (approximately)


Our company possesses a wide experience in the production of carbon steel parts and slightly alloyed steel for highly demanding sectors such as the oil sector, die making and the railway sector, as well as in the production of industrial spare parts for the iron and steel industry and sugar industry.