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Quality Management

“Our company has a “Quality Assurance System” through which it has achieved the certification ISO 9001:2008.”
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Founded in 1976, ACERIAS 4C S.A. is a modern company whose main activity is the smelting of stainless steel, special alloys, carbon steel and nodular iron in order to supply industries with components. Among these industries there are industrial valves factories, agricultural machinery factories, rail transport and road, die making, industrial spare parts, machinery and equipment.

Our industry aims to guarantee its clients high quality products and reliability, considering the demands of today’s highly competitive market. We have, therefore, an industrial plant with the technology and technical capacity required.


• Our Vision

To be a leading company in the national market and increase our international market share, while striving for quality, constant innovation and customers’ satisfaction. To build strategic alliances in the value chain and generate synergy to maximize quality and profitability. To develop skills and qualifications, and promote the ongoing personal and professional growth of human resources.


• Our Mission

To provide the national and international market with technologically innovative products and services. To exceed customer expectations, generating profitability to achieve the organization’s sustainable growth and development.


• Our Values

Renowned brand name

Vocation of leadership

Ongoing technology innovation

Client oriented company

Reliability and Integrity

Collaboration and team work Social and environmental responsibility.  


Argentine Industry

Industrial Area | 2505 Las Parejas | Santa Fe | Argentina
Phone: +54 3471 472000 |


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